Who We Are

The Chesapeake MarketPlace, Inc. is made up of two separate entities.

The MarketPlace consists of shop rentals. Dealers can sell their own merchandise or we can sell for them.The Auction House is a lively place where you can “hoot and holler” and have a great time. Consignors bring their items to sell and bidders set the price.



The Chesapeake MarketPlace was created on June 21, 1992 out of a desperate move to salvage the remains of a slowly dissolving family lumber yard (H. B. Truman Lumber Co). Rooms were cleaned as spaces were rented. Sheds became shops with windows and doors. Porches were constructed to join the shops. The barn became a cottage. The mill shop became an antique shop. And the warehouse became an auction house and later, retail shops. Thirteen years later, we now have over 100 shops/spaced for our guests to enjoy.

Our humble beginnings were slow and at times discouraging. Many dealers came and went, but those that stayed realized the potential was here. Their dreams became a reality as they started making permanent additions to their shops. Each one took pride in displaying their treasures and greeting their guests. As others came the fever spread, and little by little, the one-time lumber yard transformed into a quaint village of unique shops.

Meet the Forman Family

A girl named Kay, from Maryland, met a guy named Larry from New York at a college in Kentucky – thus beganthe Forman family.

A few years after they were married, they moved to Calvert County, Maryland to live in an old family farmhouse and raised two daughters while teaching in the local high school.

forman-3In 1984, they had the opportunity to buy out the other members of a family run Lumber Company. During a major building recession in 1992 the business folded. They had seven buildings on five acres and no idea what to do with it.

forman-33With a lot of determination and prayer it was decided to turn the lumber company into a Market Place and Auction House. In 1992, Larry went to Mendenhall School of Auctioneering in High Point, North Carolina. Kay managed the office and rentals while Larry worked the Auction House.

The business suddenly grew to over 100 dealers selling Antiques, Collectibles, Used Books, Gifts, Thrift Shop, and Baked Goods. Auctions are every Friday and some Saturdays.

forman-22The Forman mission is to provide great service and savings to their customers and dealers with honesty and integrity.