Frequently Asked Questions

People frequently come in with all kinds of questions concerning their household items, over stocked inventory, or just need an outlet for their obsession with yard sales! The decision comes down to one question. Do you want to sell it, consign it, or just want to walk away from all of it?.


Q: Where do your dealers come from?

A: The dealers that join us come from a wide range of interest and backgrounds. Many of them have always wanted to own their own shop and now they have the time. Others just enjoy yard sale shopping and auctions but have never had an outlet for their hobby.

Q: I’d love to have my own shop. How do I get started?

A: Rentals at the MarketPlace vary according to the needs of the dealers. Dealers that prefer to sell their own merchandise and set their own hours have the choices of renting a complete building or a smaller space that is connected by a porch. These spaces are not heated nor air conditioned but are priced according. Other spaces in our main building consist of two floors that are divided up into smaller spaces where customers can check out at designated sales stations. We take your sales, send in your taxes and issue checks once a month with an itemized list of your sales.

All contracts are month to month. There are no commission charges. And deposits are only required on outside spaces.

Q: Are prices set or can we still negotiate?

A: While prices are set by each business entity, you certainly can request to negotiate with the owner of items you are interested in purchasing.



Q: Where do you get your inventory to sell?

A: Homeowners who are redecorating, cleaning out, moving, or just downsizing will bring in selected items. Business owners, who need to rotate or liquidate their inventory will bring in their items. Others, just need help to empty out the contents of their home or business.

Q: How do I consign my items for auction?

A: The whole process is very simple:

  1. You bring in your items for consignment
  2. We’ll assign you a consignor number to identify your items
  3. We’ll sell it to last and highest bidder in one of our upcoming auctions
  4. You pick up a check the following Friday after it sells at auction

Commission Rates Per Item:

$5.00–$99.00= 30%
$100.00–$999.00= 25%
$1000.00 and UP = 15%

(Special Negotiated Rates are available only for certain consignments)

Q: What kind of items do you accept?

A: We accept any quality items that are clean and in good working condition, such as furniture, antiques, glassware, house wares, collectibles, tools, sporting goods, firearms and hunting equipment, lawn and garden, vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.. PLEASE NO clothing, outdated electronic equipment, left over box lot items from yard sales, old TVs or entertainment centers, particle/press board furniture or worn/dirty upholstered furniture. Please call first if you have questions. We accept consignments during normal working hours Wednesday and Saturday 10-5 pm. For large truck loads, or if you need to utilize our pick-up fee service for large items, please call ahead.

Q: How can I bid?

A: In order to register we need to see your driver’s license and a telephone number. At that point you will receive a number to use for that particular auction. As the auctioneer starts his chant, you raise your number at the price you are willing to pay. A 13% “Buyers Premium” and sales tax is added to your invoice when you check out. You can enter the auction at anytime and leave at any time and there is no admission fee. You pay nothing if you buy nothing.

Q: If I can’t attend the auction, can I leave a bid?

A: Yes, you can email us with your absentee bid, phone in a bid or stop in for preview and leave a bid before the auction starts. If you have previously registered with us, we would only need your name and a phone number. Tell us what item you want and how high you would be willing to go. We will act as your buying agent during the auction. Don’t forget the “Buyers Premium” and the sales tax will be added if you win the bid. You would be notified the next morning if you win the bid. Please use our contact form to submit an Absentee Bid or call us. ALL Absentee Bids must be processed at least 2 hours before the start of the live auction.

Q: What is a “Buyers Premium?”

A: This is a flat fee of 13% added to the final price of an item.


Estate Management

Q: I have a whole house full of “stuff” I need to get rid of. What options do I have?

A: ESTATE MANAGEMENT – If you are in the process of moving or just down sizing your estate, we can help. First, you need to decide if you’re interest in getting rid of everything in the house or just selective items. The following are some options you might like to consider:

1. We can buy and remove everything in the house.
• We can also remove trash and leave the house broom clean.

2. We can buy and remove selective items.

3. We can do an Estate Auction at the house.
• You will need ample parking and bathroom facilities
• Everything is put outside and sold to the last and highest bidder – rain or shine!

4.Tag Sale at the house.
• Everything is pulled out and priced.
• The public is invited on the first day to purchase items at designated prices-very
little negotiation.
• The second day prices are drastically reduced.
• You will need ample parking and bathroom facilities.